American Thread Cleaners and Tailors have been providing professional dry cleaning and Tailoring services in Tribeca area to our valued customers since 1982. Our success and growth is due to our commitment to provide the best quality dry cleaning and Tailoring at very reasanoble prices and excellent service. All dry cleaning and Tailoring is carried out at our own premises by our in-house trained professionals; this is the only way that we can guarantee that your garments are treated with the greatest care from the time we receive them to the time that you retake possession of them. On Tailoring ; We offer same day alterations service (upon request) ranging from simple alterations like shorten hems, shorten sleeves, trousers to complicated ones like square back neck or reduce collar in jackets, evening & wedding dresses, hem binding in jeans, suit alterations, let out waist in skirts or pants and all at a competitive price and high quality. We also carry out repairs and alterations on leather, suede and fur. Using American Theared tailoring service is a great way to ensure you look great and save money at the same time. From being warmly welcomed upon your first visit here. If you are not sure what alteration to do with your garments we provide you advice and assistance whilst helping to pin your garments to your approval ensuring that you will be one hundred percent satisfied.

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