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Alterations can make the difference between a garment that looks OK and one that looks great on you. Our fitters and tailors have extensive knowledge about altering shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, suits, and outerwear made from any material including leather, suede, fur, cotton or synthetic. Our alterations are of the highest quality, and you can rest assured that we will have it ready for when you need it.

If you want a perfect fit from the start, choose our bespoke tailoring for that ultimate fit, comfort and style. Our competitive pricing means it is probably not as expensive or unaffordable as you may think. Call us on 212 431 87 60 for a quote.

Our tailoring staff is extensively trained to perform major alterations including recuts (for coats and pants), sides and blades, as well as resizing dresses. They will replace zippers, shorten sleeves, repair straps, resew buttons, shorten or lengthen hems, or anything that you wish to be altered or repaired. American Thread Cleaners and Tailors are renowned for our immaculate attention to detail and professional service.

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